Welcome To The Dark Realm.


I’m horror author and illustrator Michael J Elliott.

I’m modestly refered to as, ‘Creator Of Tales From The Dark Realm’.

My readers, fans, and You Tube subscribers atre affectionately known as ‘Darkrealmers’. They are my online family and I hope I can welcome you into the family as well.

Please feel free to look around.

You can check out my books, read one of my blog posts or even find out how I became a horror author.

You can even sign up for my newsletter where I share exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming books, cover reveals and interesting trivia from the world of horror movies and books. Subscribers have access to competitions and giveaways.

Every subscriber will recieve a FREE copy of my supernatural horror novella, Sharpshooter as a sign up thank you.

Well that’s enough from me. These horror stories won’t write themselves.

Enjoy your time at the Dark Realm, and as I always tell my You Tube viewers at the end of   every video, stay in the light.

Yours Darkly,

Michael J Elliott.

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