Unlucky for some? J.D Estrada launches his 13th book release.

Authors are a little like planetary moons, they tend to orbit each other. I started following J.D Estrada on his YouTube channel. I was immediately impressed with his imformative and friendly manner. We’ve also connected through the writers group, #The Awethors and on Twitter. I am a huge fan of J.D’s Only Human Cycle. I

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Final Harvest-My Latest Release

G’day Darkrealmers, I was very honoured to be asked to join a group of talented indie authors. They are all members of Electric Eclectic. (For more info on EE click the link ) Electric Eclectic. Final Harvest is my first novelette under the EE brand, ( I’m writing my second one even as we speak!).

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Feeding Your Muse. 10 Tips for Finding creative ideas

The Muses were daughters of Zeus in Greek mythology whose role was to inspire creativity in poets, artists, and the like. You can read a full description of them here. Wilkipedia-The Muses I’ve been very fortunate in that my Muse has always provided me with a plethora of ideas. My short story, A Bite From

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